Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Identifying your purpose

STRATEGIES: Identifying your purpose
The word purpose is simply the reason(s) for the existence of thing - living and non living. In the life of human, it is referred to as the divine assignment that God has given every individual to do on this earth. This assignment is about providing solution to a problem that exists in an aspect of life - sports, politics, entertainment, banking and finance, engineering etc. God has created every human with a purpose and mandate to fulfill on earth. It is therefore left to everyone to identify his or her purpose and then walk in line with it because "when purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable". The potentials that God has deposited in every man differ from one another and they are there for the fulfilment of a PURPOSE.
What is Purpose??
P - Power for Living
U - Understanding the reason for living
R - Readiness to define it is a step towards achievement
P - Potential is rough handled without it (purpose)
O - Opportunity is misused without it (purpose)
S - Solicitor of aspiration
E - Expect nothing in its absence.
The discovery of one's potential on earth is like a profitable exploitation into a goldmine and the following steps are necessary:
Look upward - trust God for directions
Look inwards - to discover what you enjoy doing
Look around - to see the application of your abilities in solving people's need
Make a move - don't just watch, put your ability into creative use

The discovery, exploitation and development of one's purpose on earth is the key towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and leader in life. Live your life to fulfill destiny.

Oluwafemi Edwards

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