Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Otuoke Is That Way

Oh Otuoke, Roll out the red carpet for your son returns and to paraphrase the immortal words of his wife ‘No be only him waka come’. The tenure of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is coming to an end. Say what you will about the man and I am not here to bash him or his tenure, I’ll leave that to you dear reader. I am here to celebrate the end of one of the most wilding entertaining pantomime villains in the history of Nigeria, the Incomparable Dame Patience. She was funny without even trying or knowing. We have all made fun of her and her sayings. Her catch phrases are the stuff of legend and will never be forgotten whether she is reminding us of our creator (Dearis God o), or just reminding you of your civic duty (Pless ya hand) or just random nuggets of comedy gold, ‘na only you waka come’ (my personal favourite) or giving a new pronunciation to umbrella, she is the inadvertent source of comedy that just keeps on giving. And now with her husband’s tenure coming to an end, I for one will miss her wildly reckless statements.
The good thing is that whilst Dame always made us laugh, the laughter was more often than not, never for the right reasons and now Nigerians have spoken and it is our earnest hope that the decision we have made to elect General Buhari as the next president of this great republic, will make us laugh regularly for all the right reasons; just as this blogsite aspires to do. The Comedy Industry will badly miss Dame Patience Jonathan!!! God bless Nigeria

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